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MethodeLaboratoire Européen d’Anticipation Politique founds its work on an original method: “Political Anticipation”.

On many occasions during the last 25 years, the sphere of influence focused around the personage of Franck Biancheri has, de facto, provided fertile ground for the correct anticipation of major historic events: the fall of the Iron Curtain, the crisis of the European Commission, the collapse of the Dollar and the global systemic crisis… are some of the most striking predictions in the story (which is still unfolding) of this sphere of influence whose very diverse features (European context, network organisation, political objectives, independent state of mind…) allows one to suppose that they play some role, without doubt, in this « ability ».

Indeed, if one’s correct anticipation is the result of chance, the second can be good luck, but by a third, it becomes possible to hope that some rules and a rational approach are at play. The work done within this sphere of influence, among which the most illustrative is that conducted by LEAP (Laboratoire Européen d’Anticipation Politique) through its monthly publication, the GEAB (GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin), has even forced the respect of academics, giving rise to a need for a contemporary approach.

Today this method of Political Anticipation is:

. applied by think-tank LEAP,

. taught by Académie LEAP,

. explained in the Manual of Political Anticipation, a book published by Anticipation Publishings, themselves interested in editing books written along the lines of this method

. detailed in various articles, namely: M-H Caillol, Political anticipation: observing and understanding global socio-economic trends with a view to guide the decision-making processes, under the direction of Professor Mihai Nadin (International Journal of General Systems, Special issue on Anticipation, Vol 41 Number 1 January 2012 – ISSN: 0308-1079), Taylor&Francis, 2012 / M-H Caillol, Political Anticipation and Networks: Creating Anticipatory Systems for Government and Society, excerpt from Anticipation Across Disciplines, Editor Mihai Nadin (Cognitive systems Monograph 29 – ISSN: 1867-4925), Springer, 2016 / M-H Caillol, Political Anticipation: A human-centred method, under the direction of Professor Roberto Poli (in Handbook of Anticipation – Theoretical and Applied Aspects of the Use of Future in Decision Making), Springer, due 2020