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Euro-BRICS is a project of LEAP (Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique) initiated in 201o in the context of the partnership with MGIMO University, with the objective to contribute to a rapprochement between Europe and the BRICS countries.

As part of its reflective work on European governance and relations between Europe and Rest of World, in 2006 LEAP launched a monthly bulletin, the GEAB (Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin), which acquired international recognition due to its anticipation of the 2008 crisis as early as in the GEAB of February 2006 and from then on.

In the framework of our analyses of what we called the « gobal systemic crisis », we came to the strong belief that a key to solving this crisis lies in reforming the international monetary system and to soundly base our global economy on a basket of those currencies representing today’s multipolar world. To this purpose, Mr Biancheri, our director of Research (who unfortunatey passed away last October 30th), published an « open letter to the G20 leaders » in the international edition of the Financial Times, to warn about the risks and highlight this solution.

A year later, as we had followed with great interest the constitution, on President Putin’s initiative, of the BRICS « club », we came with another belief : that a Euro-BRICS strategic partnership was the lever needed to trigger a power balance shift inside the G20 and thus accelerate the process of global governance reform that it is so urgent to implement.

Thus, on 22 September 2010, as part of an EU-Russia partnership with MGIMO University, the first Euro-BRICS seminar was held in Nice on theme: ‘What can be the contribution of Franco-Russian relations to EU-Russia strategic partnership and the holding of a BRIC-EU meeting by 2015?

Since then we have organized other seminars, built a Euro-BRICS network of academics and experts, published articles and reports, and issued policy recommendations to decision makers concerned.