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Euro-BRICS joint statement on the Ukrainian crisis – comments and reactions

As the result of our First Euro-BRICS Online Discussion – The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Euro-BRICS, Euro-U.S. and BRICS’ relations our network of European and BRICS academic professors and researchers, think-tank leaders, journalists, business representatives, civil society representatives, have declared their joint concern with the trends currently at play resulting from ...

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BRICS-EU-CIS Cooperation: problems and challenges


DR., Professor I.Z.Yarygina - Financial University under  the Government of the Russian Federation Executive Summary of  Professor Irina Yarygina after her intervention during the Euro-BRICS Online Discussion – ‘The Euro-Russia row as a result of an overlap between two economic unions – lessons for a multipolar world in the wake’ , September 29th ...

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“New Cold War poses dilemmas for India”


Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House, talks about the significance of the position taken by NATO member countries at the recent summit in Wales. She says the increasingly acrimonious standoff between the West and Russia over Ukraine, and the stance on the Islamic State has implications for India. The NATO summit ...

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The Euro-Russia row as a result of an overlap between two economic unions : lessons for a multipolar world in the wake – Position paper -


The Euro-BRICS project firmly believes that the emergence of a multipolar world is a heavy trend that should be welcome and accompanied rather than feared and contained. Indeed LEAP bases its work on an original prospective method – political anticipation[1] – which, among other features, intends to help detect unavoidable ...

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NKI BRICS-LEAP meeting in Paris (27/07/2014)


On July 27th, in Paris, as part of the Euro-BRICS project, representatives of NKI BRICS and LEAP met in order to discuss interesting perspectives of cooperation. NKI-BRICS’ website reports: (translation) “The EuroBRICS Project   The BRICS National Research Committee is developing forms of cooperation with countries outside the regions, especially ...

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BRICS 2009-2014: Five years of lost opportunities for Europe …


When the BRIC launched their own club in 2009[1], their goal was pretty simple: to provide a group strong enough to initiate and drive the reform of the global governance institutions. This dynamic alliance intended to pursue their adjustment to the new realities of a multi-polar world in which they ...

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A Euro-BRICS joint statement on the Ukrainian crisis – Three strategic proposals


Joint Statement Euro-BRICS June 2014 We[1], the undersigned members of civil society in Europe and the BRICS (academic professors and researchers, think-tank leaders, journalists, business representatives, civil society representatives), declare our joint concern with the trends currently at play resulting from the crisis in Ukraine. These trends affect the international ...

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The experience of the ECSC, the status of the concept of pooling resources in Europe today, and lessons for Europe and the World of Tomorrow

steel 2

Marianne Ranke Cormier, May 23rd 2013, Moscow, 4th Euro-BRICS seminar General Secretary, Promete (Association de Promotion des Medias Trans-Européens), Paris, France   Europe was born out of energy more than 60 years ago. Today there is no such thing as “one” European policy on energy and resources, although different instruments, mechanisms ...

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Proliferation of Free Trade Agreements and Currency Conflicts


K.N.Harilal, May 23rd 2013, Moscow, 4th Euro-BRICS seminar K.N.Harilal is Coordinator, Research Unit on Local Governments, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, India I am extremely happy and feel highly privileged to have got this opportunity to ‘address’ the distinguished participants of the EURO-BRICS conference in spite of my inability to reach Moscow. ...

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Op-Ed: Cover up that MINT, which I can’t endure to look on.


The truth is so obscured in these times and the lie is so established that unless one loves the truth, one could not recognize it. (B. Pascal, 1623 – 1662)   Bruno Paul, PhD ; Geoeconomy ; Socio-political transformations ; Founder of Conscience-Sociale.org Paris, France January 9th 2014. The BRICS[1] are ...

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“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela


We mourn one of the very greatest leaders of the XXth century. This picture was taken by Dr Michael Kahn one of our experts in the Euro-BRICS network, on June 5th 1990 Gaborone, Botswana during Mandela’s first journey abroad after his release. He started his itinerary with a ‘thank you Botswana’. An ideal ...

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Towards a resilient international monetary system to systemic crises


Bruno Paul, May 23rd 2013, Moscow, 4th Euro-BRICS seminar Back in April 2010, the World Bank member countries agreed to change its severely criticized governance. This text has never been ratified by the U.S. Congress. On 03/26/2013 the BRICS countries announced the opening in 2014 of their own development bank, a fund with ...

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Euro-BRICS and Africa-BRICS agendas to increase BRICS global influence [1]

Europe Africa

Prof. Alexander Zhebit, PhD, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil              The impressive facts about the BRICS’ countries GDPs, territories, populations and rates of growth during the last decade or so have been publicized and awed throughout the world community. The so-called emerging giant countries would become leading ...

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Russia hopes BRICS can create a polycentric world


Professor Georgy Toloraya is the Executive Director of the National Committee on BRICS Studies in Russia and associated with the Russkiy Mir Foundation. If one were to ask what the term BRICS represents (probably not a question for the “man on the street” where the acronym remains largely unknown) in the ...

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