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Concept seminar

Student mobility in Europe and the BRICS: What for ? – A Euro-BRICS perspective Aiming at globalisation, through cultural diversity, based on clear identities

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Position paper in advance of the next Euro-BRICS online meeting on Student Mobility in Europe and the BRICS, crossed visions:  Euro-BRICS online meeting, November 25th.  Europe’s advantage in terms of student mobility programmes is that of time and experience. But BRICS’ student mobility is anchored in XXIst century challenges. Crossed visions ...

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First Euro-BRICS Online Discussion – The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Euro-BRICS, Euro-U.S. and BRICS’ relations

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First Euro-BRICS Online Discussion, May27th  2014   (online) Organised by LEAP with the technical support of FEFAP   ‘The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Euro-BRICS, Euro-U.S. and BRICS’ relations – A Euro-BRICS exchange of views on the Ukrainian crisis with a view to possible solutions’ The Ukrainian crisis and the way it has been handled ...

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4th seminar – Concept


Towards a renovated global governance – Peace, Energy, Currencies, Trade : the Euro-BRICS partnership, a condition to a non-conflictual cooperation between world blocks  Moscow (MGIMO), May 23-24  2013,  organised by LEAP/E2020 in partnership with MGIMO    The crisis of legitimacy faced by the institutions of the global governance system set ...

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Space cooperation between Europe and BRICS countries


 Inventory, Challenges and Opportunities  -  Leiden, May 16th  2013 Space is an important area of ​​cooperation and international partnership. The symposium space on 16 May 2013 was an interdisciplinary event, jointly organized by the International Institute of Air and Space Law at Leiden Law School and the Department of Latin ...

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3rd seminar – Concept

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Euro-BRICS 2012-2014 : Towards thematic cooperation networks based on a specific politico-diplomatic Framework Cannes, September 27-28  2012, organised by LEAP in partnership with MGIMO Preambule The world continues to move through an historical crisis which marks the end of the systems and power relationships dominating the world since the end of the Second ...

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1st seminar – Concept

seminar Moscou 2011

What can be the contribution of Franco-Russian relations to EU-Russia strategic partnership and the holding of a BRIC-EU meeting by 2015?  1st seminar, Nice, September 23-24, 2010, organised by LEAP in partnership with MGIMO During two days, French and Russian academics and experts met in the framework of the EU-Russia ...

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