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Agora of Euroland Citizens

First EUROLAND CITIZENS’ Assembly, open, permanent and multilingual, with debates through an online platform, online meetings and residential meetings. Become one of the first contributor to the creation of an European Political space: participate from September 15th via the online platform democracia.eu and fly to Athens on November 20-22, 2015 to attend in person the first Trans-european citizens’ Assembly. This project is for citizens who believe in a more democratic Europe, above their national interests, and who don’t belong to any anti-democratic political group. This project has been created and organized by Newropeans Club2, in partnership with LEAP2020.

The first online meeting of the Agora of Euroland Citizens … Our first debate will be about Migration crisis. Join us next Tuesday 22 at 6.30pm using this link: https://webinar.oigaa.com/…/globalt…/transeuropean_meetings… See you there!

Newropeans Club