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NKI BRICS-LEAP meeting in Paris (27/07/2014)

On July 27th, in Paris, as part of the Euro-BRICS project, representatives of NKI BRICS and LEAP met in order to discuss interesting perspectives of cooperation. NKI-BRICS’ website reports:


“The EuroBRICS Project


The BRICS National Research Committee is developing forms of cooperation with countries outside the regions, especially with the European Union countries, concerning the problems of global governance and the creation of a new world order. A reunion took place in Paris involving the executive director of the BRICS National Research Committee, the director of the regional programs, G. D. Toloraya, and the president of the European Laboratory of Political Anticipation (LEAP), M. H. Caillol. During the meeting, they discussed perspectives of bilateral cooperation in the year of the Russian presidency within BRICS, common projects in the domain of programs for youth, and the creation of some cooperation network between universities.


It was an interesting exchange of ideas: to be noted is the introduction of the proposal that within the future BRICS summit in Russia and the reunion of the leaders from the member countries with the regional chiefs of state to extend the format of the summit through the invitation of the leaders of the European Union countries. This form of meeting of the countries of the European continent as well as the leaders of the Central Asian states eventually with the leaders of the countries of BRICS, could be organized on Russian soil at the same time as the BRICS summit, for example, at Saint Petersburg. Many European experts regrettably remarked that the European Union countries missed the moment of the BRICS’ train’s departure, so that now it is necessary to seek ways through which to participate in the projects of this organization, keeping in mind, at the same time, the necessity of cooperation in the Eurasian area.”

NKI-BRICS website