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Franck Biancheri

Interview with Franck Biancheri on his view on the future of Europe

During the Agora AEGEE Enschede on May 2nd 2012, late Franck Biancheri accepted the invitation to give a key-not speech. There he presented his vision of Europe’s evolution in the coming decade, and outline what could be a successful European students action regarding EU’s future and the democratization of Euroland.

At a time when both the European project and European youth are facing daunting challenges, the students of AEGEE-EUROPE are searching for inspiration and advice on how to conduct what they call a European (r)evolution.
Watch the full speech and summary online, this is an interview we have done after the speech, asking Franck Biancheri several direct questions about the future of Europe.

Combining his experience of the first European renaissance of 1985-1992, when he became one of the fathers of Erasmus, and his current position as director of the leading European think-tank on the global crisis LEAP/E2020 (Laboratoire Européen d’Anticipation Politique), Franck Biancheri’s speech in Enschede provides one of the very rare visionary perspectives on Europe’s future, already present in his book “World Crisis : The path to the world afterwards : Europe and the world in the 2010-2020 decade“.