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1st seminar – Recommendations

What can be the contribution of Franco-Russian relations to EU-Russia strategic partnership and the holding of a BRIC-EU meeting by 2015?

Nice, Septembre 23-24  2010, organised by LEAP in partnership with MGIMO

Conclusion: A “Partnership for the modernization of Russia” in exchange for a “Partnership for the emancipation of Euroland”

if the new (post-Georgia crisis) label of the EU-Russia partnership has become the “Partnership for the modernization of Russia”, it seems certain that Russia has already begun (especially during the Euro crisis) what LEAP/E2020 calls a “Partnership for the Emancipation of Euroland.” In the same way that the Russian party is very touchy in terms of advice over adapting its domestic governance to the twenty-first century, the European party is very sensitive over advice to adapt its foreign relations to the world after the crisis. However Russia like Euroland really are two of the major global players able to help a peaceful transition of global governance. Both also attach great importance to the cultural development of their societies, thus sharing another common value, prior to defining and implementing a common agenda on major issues of the coming decade. However, building a strategic partnership is not about listing the common problems of the day and saying it would be better to resolve them together, it is, above all, about identifying key challenges of the future and knowing that one can only solve them together. It is this gradual shift in perception that is underway, because of the global systemic crisis, for the greatest possible benefit of the Russia-Euroland partnership. One of the major stages on this strategic partnership’s path will undoubtedly be the organization of a first BRIC-Europe [2] summit so that these two major networks, these two groups at the heart of the future global architecture, openly and honestly discuss the challenges and issues which concern them.

Strategic Note