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Prospects of a EuroBRICS strategic cooperation: a view from Brazil


Article published in MAP 6, written by Prof Alexander Zhebit PhD in History of international relations and foreign policy, professor of international relations, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Prospects of a EuroBRICS strategic cooperation: a view from Brazil  A prospect of an economic and political union between the BRICS and ...

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Interview with Franck Biancheri on his view on the future of Europe

Franck Biancheri

During the Agora AEGEE Enschede on May 2nd 2012, late Franck Biancheri accepted the invitation to give a key-not speech. There he presented his vision of Europe’s evolution in the coming decade, and outline what could be a successful European students action regarding EU’s future and the democratization of Euroland. At ...

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MAP 6 – Euro-BRICS Special


Euro-BRICS Partnership : The path to the world after the crisis, by Franck Biancheri With this special MAP issue devoted to future Euro-BRICS co-operation, LEAP/E2020 continues its exploration of the path which leads to the world after the crisis. In this case, with the Euro-BRICS partnership it’s a question of ...

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