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VIDEO// Public conference: Instrumentality of the Euro-BRICS bridging in addressing the challenges of the multipolar world

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In the framework of the launching of India’s BRICS presidency and on the occasion of the Euro-BRICS Week in Paris… The Embassy of India in Paris, LEAP and the Euro-BRICS Youth Platform organised a public conference last April 30, topic: Instrumentality of the Euro-BRICS bridging in addressing the challenges of the multipolar world If you were not able to ...

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Understanding Technocracy:
 The dilemma of institutional ‘independence’ in national and transnational democracy, By Diego Cimino


Marie-Hélène Cailol, President of LEAP about this article written by Diego Cimino, EU Representative in the Euro-BRICS Platform: “That’s the kind of content the Euro-BRICS Young Leaders Platform initiated by LEAP is capable of producing (here Diego Cimino)! That’s the kind of level citizens need to reach in order to be taken seriously by ...

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3rd EuroBRICS Webinar on Political Anticipation: executive summary

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A few weeks ago took place our second EuroBRICS webinar on Political Anticipation, topic: Webinar 3: Political Anticipation serving decision-making : Strategies and projects for a significant role of the Euro-BRICS Youth Platform in addressing multipolar world challenges” Please find an executive summary of this great session here: Report 3rd EuroBRICS Webinar ...

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Euro-BRICS YLP: When highly educated, interconnected and multipolar youth get to know about Franck Biancheri Network


Euro-BRICS Youth Platform ‪#‎eurobricsyouth‬ : When highly educated and interconnected youth in Brazil, India, China, Russia, South Africa and Europe get to know about Franck Biancheri and his political message, and transfer his principles and methods to the global level. After one whole week (25/04-29/04) of team-building and brainstorming in “La Pepinière” (in Chatenay ...

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New trends in economic thinking as a result of the multiplication of global players: Public support in turbulent markets, by Dr. Prof. Irina Z. Yarygina

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EuroBRICS by LEAP2020 is happy to share with you an article written by Dr. Prof. Irina Z. Yarygina (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation) after our second EuroBRICS webinar on Political Anticipation. (cf Report Webinar2) New trends in economic thinking as a result of the multiplication of global players: Public ...

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Chinese Crisis: Learning Lessons in Slow Riding the Economy


by K. N. Harilal After an unbelievably long period of hectic growth the Chinese economy has begun to slow down. While the high growth phase was characterised by remarkable stability, the phase of slower growth, if the present crisis is any indication, is likely to be more turbulent. Slow riding ...

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Complete report of the 1st Euro-BRICS Young Leaders Summit

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LEAP and the Euro-BRICS Youth Platform are proud to present you the report of the first Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit! The Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit took place from 7 – 13 June in Helsinki and St. Petersburg. More than 70 European and BRICS youth delegates from at least 20 different ...

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Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit in the media


EU-BRICS young leaders embracing new dialogue platform in Helsinki HELSINKI, June 12 (Xinhua) – Dressed in traditional clothes, a group of young leaders from the EU and BRICS countries are gathering in downtown Helsinki to exchange ideas on a newly launched platform aiming at building a dialogue channel between the EU ...

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Banks within BRICS economic development


DR., Professor I.Z.Yarygina - Financial University under  the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow                                                                           ...

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Petition – Stop the Sanctions! Now!

Save the European economy… Stop the sanctions! Now ! Yes, the sanctions against Russia are harmful to the Russians and their economy! Yes, the sanctions against Russia are harmful to the Europeans and their economy! Russia is the third commercial partner of the European Union; the trades between them have ...

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‘The Euro-Russia row as a result of an overlap between two economic unions: lessons for a multipolar world in the wake – Executive summary –

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- Executive summary - On September 29th, LEAP organized the second Euro-BRICS online discussion on the “The Euro-Russia row as a result of an overlap between two economic unions”. The meeting gathered around 25 participants from the European and BRICS academic and civil fields mostly. This discussion took place in ...

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Student mobility in Europe and the BRICS: What for ? – A Euro-BRICS perspective Aiming at globalisation, through cultural diversity, based on clear identities

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Position paper in advance of the next Euro-BRICS online meeting on Student Mobility in Europe and the BRICS, crossed visions:  Euro-BRICS online meeting, November 25th.  Europe’s advantage in terms of student mobility programmes is that of time and experience. But BRICS’ student mobility is anchored in XXIst century challenges. Crossed visions ...

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Student mobility in Europe and the BRICS, crossed visions: Next Euro-BRICS online meeting, November 25th


LEAP and its Euro-BRICS working group are pleased to organise the online discussion with the following partners from our network: School of International Relations, University of St Petersburg (Russia); BRICS Youth Expert Society (Moscow, Russia); Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Stellenbosch University (Capetown, South Africa); AEGEE-Europe, (Brussels, Belgium); FEFAP ...

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