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MAP 6 – Euro-BRICS Special

MAP8 est disponible! Vers la conclusion des accords type “Schengen” entre Euro-BRICS, par Harald Greib

Euro-BRICS Partnership : The path to the world after the crisis, by Franck Biancheri
With this special MAP issue devoted to future Euro-BRICS co-operation, LEAP/E2020 continues its exploration of the path which leads to the world after the crisis. In this case, with the Euro-BRICS partnership it’s a question of anticipating the processes which will make it possible to build twenty first century governance and allow a peaceful rebalancing of relations between the planet’s key powers..

Extract from the conclusions of the Euro-BRICS Process founding seminar, by LEAP
In the framework of this first Euro-Brics seminar, the last session consisted of a general brain-storming panel aimed at identifying themes of common interest, therefore likely to provide the basis to the agenda of a first Euro-Brics Summit. The following nine key points were identified…


Edito Euro-BRICS Partnership :

– The path to the world after the crisis (p.3)
– Institutions Results of the fourth BRICS summit and the outlook for cooperation between the BRICS and the European Union (p.5)
– Frame of Reference Ex- tract from the conclusions of the Euro-BRICS Process founding seminar (p.7)
– Strategic Partnership Prospects of a EuroBRICS strategic cooperation: a view from Brazil (p.9)
– Geopolitics Russia and Brazil in the BRICS group – future ambitions (p.12)
– Economy The Role of Euro-BRICS cooperation (p.14)
– Trade BRICS cooperation serving trade policy formation and the priorities of BRICS and Euro-BRICS cooperation (p.20)
– Monetary System China’s Policymakers One Inch Closer to Opening CapitalAccount (p.22)
– Education Prospects for collaboration in the knowledge economy field (p.25)
– REPORT : Aerospace The European path to space is via China and Russia (p.27)
– Aerospace Euro-BRICS and sovereign technologies: Space (p.29)
– Aerospace Europe, BRICS and Space: A contribution to the debate on Euro-BRICS cooperation in space activities (p.31)

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