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1st seminar – Programme

What can be the contribution of Franco-Russian relations to EU-Russia strategic partnership and the holding of a BRIC-EU meeting by 2015?

Nice, Septembre 23-24  2010, organised by LEAP in partnership with MGIMO

Debates moderated by Franck Biancheri, Valery Vorobiev and Jean-Paul Guichard

Thursday, September 23, 2010 (Salle des Actes du Château de Valrose – University of Nice)

10.30 – 11.00 : Welcome speeches

. Mr Marouani, President of Nice-Sophia Antipolis University

. Reading of inaugural speech of Mrs Nicole Fontaine, former President of the European Parliament, former Minister, Jean-Monnet chair, by Professor Jean-Paul Guichard

11.30-12.30 : Introduction to the seminar’s general theme

. Prof. Valery Vorobiev, vice-rector of MGIMO, professor, constitutional law chair

. Prof. Jean-Paul Guichard, Professor Emeritus at University Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Jean-Monnet chair

. Mr Franck Biancheri, Director of studies, LEAP/E2020

14.30 – 16.00 : Theme 1: Franco-Russian contribution to the foundation of a new and sustainable global economic and financial order

. “Economic cooperation between Russia and the EU in the framework of Russia’s application to WTO” – Tatiana Isatchenko, professor, international economic relations chair, MGIMO

. “Cultural globalisation and the new global economic order” – Anna Makarenko, professor, economic theory chair, MGIMO

. « EU-BRIC: A true community of interests? » – Antoine Brunet, Economist, Head of AB marché

. Debate

16.30 – 18.00 : Theme 2: Initiation 21st-centurty Europe’s security architecture and launching common paths in the field of global security

. “Russia and Europe: security matters” – Valery Vorobiev, vice-rector of MGIMO, ambassador, full prefessor, constitutional law chair, MGIMO

. Debate

Friday, September 24 2010 (Villa Passiflore, Amphithéâtre Bonne Carrère, Faculté de Droit et des Sciences politiques, Campus Trotabas)

09.00 – 11.00 : Theme 3: Inventing a global governance adapted to 21st century requirements: what could be the agenda of an EU-BRIC summit?

. “Potential contribution of Franco-Russian relations to an EU-BRIC dialogue” – Eugenia Obitchkina, full professor, international relations and Russia’s foreign policy chair, MGIMO

. “A direct Euroland-BRIC dialogue: sine qua non for a peaceful transition towards a new global governance / Russia’s privileged position as an intermediary ” – Franck Biancheri, Director of studies, LEAP/E2020

. Debate

Strategic Note